How Do I Edit the Sources & Uses on the Executive Summary?

CRE brokers using LOANtuitive have the ability to edit the Sources and Uses table for an application from the Loan Request Details page of any loan. 

To edit:

  1. Navigate to the Loan Request Details page
  2. Toward the middle of the page, you will see different tabs allowing you to toggle between Overview, Application, Documents, Sources & Uses, and Lender Matches. Select Sources & Uses.
  3. On the Sources & Uses Calculator, anything noted with the pencil icon may be edited. 
  4. If you want to edit a number that does not have a pencil icon next to it, you may do so within the specific question on the Application tab.
  5. Once you've updated the desired field:    
    1. Click the green checkmark next to the field to implement your edit 
    2. Be sure to click Confirm Changes in the upper right hand corner table to save your edits.
  6. You may also add Sources or Uses by clicking the "+" symbol in either column of the table. Be sure to click the green checkmark after each addition and click the Confirm Changes button to save your edits.

Once you click Confirm Changes, the Executive Summary will automatically reprocess to incorporate the changes.

Additional Notes:

  • When a loan application is completed, the Executive Summary is automatically generated before you have the opportunity to customize Sources & Uses. Once you make edits to the Sources & Uses, the Executive Summary will be refreshed.
  • Lender Fees and Broker Fees can be specified in points.
  • Any quantity of itemized Sources or Uses can be added with a custom label and amount.
  • Only brokers may edit Sources & Uses; borrowers and lenders do not have access to this feature.
  • "Due to Borrower," when present, is equivalent to "Cash Out"
  • "Due From Borrower." when present, is the amount required from the borrower to complete the transaction. 
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