Editing the Executive Summary

The broker has unique permissions to edit the Executive Summary. Before editing, please review these tips:

  • Any values that were provided within the application questions should be edited via the Application. That will ensure that the values (and any related calculations) are accurately updated throughout the loan request. For example, if the net worth of the borrower needs to be revised, update that value via the Application, and the updated amount will flow through to the Executive Summary. Do not edit that value directly on the Executive Summary.
  • Edit the Sources & Uses from the tab on the Loan Request Details page that has the Sources & Uses Calculator (see related article).
  • To save any edits to the Executive Summary, be sure to click the "Save and Reprocess" button in the upper right-hand corner of the edited document. A full save and reprocess cycle may take 1-3 minutes.

To make edits to the Executive Summary:

Navigate to the Loan Request Details page and click the "edit" button that appears next to the preview image of the Executive Summary:

There are many different edit functions available:

1. Re-arrange blocks of text with the directional arrows provided to the left of each section of the Executive Summary.

2. Delete a block of text (or a table) by clicking the trashcan icon that appears to the right of each section. Don't worry; anything you delete can be added back if you change your mind later.

3. Add/insert a new blank section by clicking the + symbol that appears to the right of each section.

4. Within a new blank section, add new text by copying and pasting into the new section or add new text by starting to type.

5. To expose the other items that can be inserted, click the + sign that appears within the new blank section:

  • Other options you may insert within a new blank section are: 
    • Checklist
    • Documents - select the Document Viewer, and a window will appear that shows all of the documents that have been uploaded to this loan request. Any document that was uploaded as a PDF can be appended to the Executive Summary document.
    • Images - any images that have been uploaded to the loan request can be inserted. NOTE: In most cases, LOANtuitive will identify any image files that have been uploaded and will include them automatically within the Collateral Property section of the Executive Summary (toward the end of the document).
    • Heading - to insert text that stands out from the standard font format and size.
    • List
    • Table - additional columns and rows can be inserted within the table by clicking the cluster of 4 dots that appear within the table

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