Using LOANtuitive to apply for a commercial loan

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To apply for a loan with LOANtuitive you'll need to work with a commercial mortgage broker who is using LOANtuitive. If you would like to find a broker who is currently using LOANtuitive, send us an email ( and we can provide you with some options. Similarly, if your broker would like to sign up for LOANtuitive, have them visit the LOANtuitive website and fill out the Sign Up form.

Once your broker is connected, they will share their LOANtuitive link with you to complete your application. Most borrowers complete the application within 20 minutes.

It's helpful to have documents on hand such as the purchase and sale agreement, current appraisal, rent roll (if applicable), and recent financial statements for the property. These documents may make it easier for you to answer questions during the application process. In addition, uploading any requested documents will strengthen your overall application.

While LOANtuitive will ask you to select a range indicating your current credit score, we do not pull your credit report as part of this process.

If you have questions about the status of your application, we recommend contacting your broker directly. For any questions related to how to use LOANtuitive, you may browse our help topics here, or email us at

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